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Venum No Gi Ranked Rashguards - IBJJF Approved Long Sleeve

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    The Venum No Gi Ranked Rashguard is a welcomed addition to the Venum Line.  Venum is a top playing in jiu jitsu and MMA and now with the addition of the ranked rashguard, you can compete in IBJJF tournaments wearing the most comfortable ranked rashguard in the market.  This rashguard was designed to meet and exceed IBJJF compeitition requirements so you can focus on competing and winning.  

    The Venum ranked rashguard is made of maily black with 10% of your BJJ belt color.  You can join the ranks of top rated BJJ players who compete with venum gear at the top level no gi tournaments. With the second skin technology that venum uses you can enjoy exceptionally light sensation on your skin and you may even forget you are wearing a rashguard at all.  The spandex has 4-way micro fabric which gives you a full range of motion while rolling.  You will not get caught by the sleeve. 

    This rashguard was built with a softer side close to your skin for added comfort.  Anti-microbial properties in the Venum No Gi Ranked rashguard will give you added comfort in the heat of comptition.  The rubber band at the bottom of the rashguard will make sure it always stays tight and does not ride up.  Making sure the rashguard stays on properly is for your benefit.  The better fitting the rashguard the smoother the roll will be and less you will be injured due to cuts, abrasions or rashes.  

    Pair this rashguard with any Venum No Gi Fight shorts and you are ready to rock and roll at any competition or at your gym.  Enjoy free shipping from The Jiu Jitsu Shop.   


    Technical Features: 

    • Unique Venum Design
    • 100% spandex fabric 
    • Skin tight technlogy
    • IBJJF approved
    • 4-way stretch technology
    • Flat lock stitching to prevent chafing
    • Rubber band to keep the rashguard around your waist
    • Anti-microbial properties to keep the rashguard smelling fresh longer


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