About Us

Welcome to The Jiu Jitsu Shop

The Jiu Jitsu Shop is your Jiu Jitsu Specialty store.  We focus entirely on Jiu Jitsu gear for men, women, and kids.  

Headquarters for The Jiu Jitsu Shop is located in Roseville, CA.  The staff consists of 3 main movers and many dedicated supporters. We vary from white belts to Black belts.  

The Jiu Jitsu Shop was officially founded in 2013 but we had a previous retail shop that we started in 2012.  The reason that we started The Jiu Jitsu Shop was really out of necessity.  To get products out to northern california for people to see and push the sport.

Not only do we sell products but we support a local community of Jiu Jitsu Athletes from Sponsorships to coordinating events.  We are much more than simply a retail outlet, we are a family.  You can see us at local tournaments and you will see our products on people across the globe.

We ship to all countries accross the globe and enjoy speaking with everyone and are excited to see bjj grow so rapidly in other countries. 

Our staff is here to help 24/7.   We are always at your service, this is why our customer service is ranked #1.  

If you see us at tournaments such as the UGF, Jiu Jitsu By the bay, bay area jiu jitsu championships, NAGA, etc come say hi to us.  Of course you can always shoot us an email and we're happy to help!

-Julio Veliz
Brown Belt/Owner