Jiu Jitsu For Autism T-Shirts - Fundraiser T-Shirts 

At The Jiu Jitsu Shop we are more than simply a BJJ retailer.  We work closely in the BJJ community and projects which help out the community in one way or another.  Here you can purchase unique T-shirt for Men, Women, and children where 100% of proceeds go towards the Organization for Autism Research (OAR).  The Jiu Jitsu Shop has done extensive research on this organization and can vouche for the commitment and passion of the organization.  Close to 80% of the money collected goes directly into Research (check out their financials).  Research that directly benefits people affected by autism, not just awareness like many other charities.  BJJ is not just about jiu jitsu but it is about a family.  The Jiu Jitsu Shop really focuses on fostering that family atmosphere because we are not just training partners but a worldwide family. 

Grab a shirt, knowing all proceeds here go to Jiu Jitsu For Autism!!

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