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White light gi with a 350GSM Jacket top white and teal gi

Inverted Gear White Light Pearl Weave Gi

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    If you are looking for the perfect fit gi look no further.  The Inverted Gear White Light Pearl Weave Gi is a great combination of Fit and Style.  The Gi that fits best is a gi that will be in your rotation for years to come.  

    The new light pearl weave gi is a super light 350GSM Pearl Weave gi that is not only form comfortable but light. 


    The White Light Pearl Weave Gi is a simple and beutiful gi that combines white and teal.  The Inverted panda can be found on the shoulders and there is a woven patch on the pant leg towards the top.  The design, like other Inverted Gear Gis is simple but stylish.  This gi does not have contrast stitching on the collar but does have the teal trimming at the y of the jacket. (Bottom of the jacket). If you are looking for a comfortable gi that is simple and clean look no further.  

    The panda embroidery comes on both sides of the shoulders as well.  The Pants has the teal rope drawstring and the traditional 6 loop system also in teal.  Very simple and clean.  

    Materials & Build: 

    • 100% Cotton
    • 350 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
    • 12oz Rip Stop Pants with Pearl Weave gusset
    • 6 loop system
    • Elastic Rope
    • Mouth Piece/ID Pocket in pants
    • Custom ribbon Jacket edge inside pants and sleeve loop
    • Embroidered logos on shoulders
    • Custom Gi Bag



    Because this gi is light you sometimes forget you are rolling in a gi and not just training nogi.  The lapel is not still so you will not feel like it is choking you while you do nothing.  The gi is also really light with the A2 coming in at about 3 lbs 7 oz.  The fit is probably one of the most important factors of your gi and like other Inverted gear Gis the Light White Gi is perfect with the fit.  Whether you are tall or short we have the right fit for you. 


    The Jiu Jitsu Shop always offers complimentary shipping to all our customers! 

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    Color: White