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Fusion FG Terminator 2 Endoskeleton BJJ Rashguard (Longsleeve)

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    The Fusion FG Terminator 2 Endoskeleton BJJ Rashguard is one of our favorites because we love Terminator 2.  The Cyberdine Systems Series 800 Terminator is also known as the T-800 which is a mass produced killing machine produced by Skynet.  With a little skin and you have yourself an Arnie.  

    Take your submission game to the terminator level with this officially licensed BJJ Rashguard.  Terminator 2 T-800 rash guard.  Remember that unlike the T-800 your opponents arms do snap.  and are not made of metal hyper-alloy.  Trust us, we aren't made of metal either. 

    Perfect for getting rid of that nasty bacteria.  These officially licensed long sleeve rashguard featuring the Terminator designs in the front and back.  Tight compression fit and make it tough for your opponent to grab you.  Great for wicking moisture which will help keep you cool longer.  Also helps keep you cool longer.  

    This can be worn with a pair of shorts or spats and even under your gi to keep you cool.  But why hide it under a gi.  

    Technical Features: 

    • Unique Terminator Design
    • Fully and officially licensed rashguard
    • Long Sleeve
    • 80% polyester/ 20% spandex
    • Fully Sublimated
    • Anti-Bacterial

    Sizing Chart: 
    Small      – up to 145 lbs (65kg)
    Medium   – up to 165 lbs (75kg)
    Large      – up to 200 lbs (90kg)
    XL          – 200 lbs (90kg) to 250 lbs
    XXL        – 250 lbs (110kg) and up
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    Color: Black