Fusion FG Street Fighter Ryu Rashguard - Short Sleeve now available at www.thejiujitsushop.com Relive 1987 with a hadoken to your opponent.  Officially licensed gear with Ryu's signature moves in black, white and red. 

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Fusion FG Street Fighter Ryu Rashguard - Short sleeve

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  • Product Description

    Fusion FG Street Fighter Ryu Rashguard in short sleeve is the first Ryu Rashguard to be released in the BJJ World that is offically licensed by Capcom for us to enjoy.  

    Quick Street fighter trivia fact: Ryu first appeared in Street Fighter in 1987 along with Ken.  

    This rashguard is truly an homage to the man himself.  Ryu inspired many kids to throw imaginary Hadokens and Shoryukens to our friends and adults as well.  

    Pick up an amazing Street Fighter Rashguard and start rolling like its 1987 all over again.  Ryu is actually a fan of the Kimura btw, make him proud. 

    You can wear this rashguard under your Gi and when your opponent opens your lapel they will get a hadoken right in the face.  No gi attire to match with the Ryu Spats we also have at The Jiu Jitsu Shop.  Enjoy this rashguard with Free Shipping today!

    Technical Features: 
    • Fully and officially licensed rashguard
    • Long Sleeve
    • 80% polyester/ 20% spandex
    • Fully Sublimated
    • Street Fighter Ryu Unique rashguard
    • Anti-Bacterial

    Sizing Chart: 
    Small      – up to 145 lbs (65kg)
    Medium   – up to 165 lbs (75kg)
    Large      – up to 200 lbs (90kg)
    XL          – 200 lbs (90kg) to 250 lbs
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  • Other Details

    Color: Black