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Fusion FG Rocky Itallian Stallion Spats (Black)

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    Fusion FG Rocky Italian Stallion Spats in Black and Yellow are comfortable and eye catching spats.  Everyone's favorite stories are those of hard working rags to riches and none are more legendary than the story of Rocky Balboa!

    From Philadelphia the load shark gets his shot at the champ Appollo Creed played by Carl Weathers.  

    The Italian Stallion defeated Apollo in Rocky 2 , then Clubber Lang (MR T).  One of our favorites was the fight against superhuman Ivan Drago.  

    After so many films and fights Stallone is still looking as shredded as ever.  Is his secret BJJ? The italian Stallion logo is on the right thigh visible from the side.

    Although these spats look amazing the secret is the quality.  Made with premium manufacturing and materials, these spats are built to last.  Also pick up a matching Rocky Rashguards in Black and Yellow or in Multicolor format!

    You can wear this rashguard under your favorite pair of shorts or for no gi training.  Actually you can wear this to the regular gym or snowboarding as well, how cool would that be.  Nerd out with us and let's roll!

    Technical Features: 
    • Fully and officially licensed rashguard
    • Long Sleeve
    • 80% polyester/ 20% spandex
    • Fully Sublimated
    • Rocky Itallian Stallion Theme Spats
    • Anti-Bacterial

    Sizing Chart: 
    Small      – up to 145 lbs (65kg)
    Medium   – up to 165 lbs (75kg)
    Large      – up to 200 lbs (90kg)
    XL          – 200 lbs (90kg) to 250 lbs
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    Color: Black