Star Trek Gi vs Street Fighter Gi - What kind of nerd are you?

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What do we like about these new Gis at The Jiu Jitsu Shop?

Here are the links to these two gis for those of you who just want to skip to see the goods.  Street Fighter Ryu Hadoken Gi and the Star Trek Mr. Spock Gi.

For starters I love both of these gis.  As soon as I saw these at the shop I knew i had to grab one. But I could not decide so i put them next to each other to compare. Let's walk through the thought process for me.

The manufacturing is the same, clearly these guys worked hard on the manufacturing side.  Top Grade Cotton with the Japanese Weave and Double Twill cotton pants. Both of these gis are 500 GSM on the jacket top.  Pretty standard builds for both top and bottoms.  So no major difference here. The gis are in the 3.5-4.5 lbs range depending on size

I love the fact that these gis are fully licensed.  I love other brands that have "inspired" gis but i don't know why they have not been sued, I would rather not go into that discussion.  It says a lot that they are going through the efforts of fully licensing these products.  I love that we can have full logos from the shows/games. 

Now the differences between these two. (These are just my preferences)

I Like the color scheme better on the Street Fighter Gi 

I prefer the patch work better on the star trek Gi with the Sciences Delta Shield on the front



The shoulder patch work on the street fighter gi is awesome.  Ryu shooting the Hadoken.

I also Prefer the inner rashguard lining from the Star Trek Gi.  "Live Long and Prosper"

Although i love the street fighter gi bag, the Star Trek Gi bag i think takes the take for my preference.  Spock in the background just looks amazing.  


The real choice i think comes down to what kind of nerd where you growing up. Did you watch more star trek or play more street fighter.  Personally I played more street fighter and will be rocking the new Ryu Hadoken Gi along with the Blanka rashguard

Let us know what kind of nerd you are!

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