Keenan Cornelius Vs Dean Lister Analysis At Polaris 2015

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Keenan Cornelius VS Dean Lister No Gi Match At Polaris Pro Januar 10, 2015.

When you think about Technique vs Power this is one of those matches that really makes you see the power of technique even in no gi.  

Dean Lister is great at foot locks and when he attacks Keenan's legs it almost seems like it should be over with a swift heel hook but Kennan escapes with no issues.  

As time goes on you can see dean slow down. Keenan then capitalizes on the tired Dean.

Both of these competitors are amazing and great guys.  The take away here is the power of the kimura grip.  Watch this match multiple times to really appreciate the power and technique from the double leg takedown determination to the finish.  

One of the things we always strive for in Jiu Jitsu is using the best techniques. Study hard and train hard!

-Chris Stoner

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