Bruno Malfacine Submits Caio Terra in the Finals Pan ams 2015

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Caio Terra and Bruno Malfacine are huge in BJJ.  The dedication both of these athletes put into BJJ is incredible.  

The match takes less thank 2 minutes with a semi-controversial restart.  We'll let you just watch.  

From the facebook of Caio Terra:

"Life like jiu jitsu has a way of humbling you. Today was the first time I lost in 3 years, and the first time I've ever tapped at Rooster.

Losing was surreal, on the mat where I always feel the most comfortable, I felt alone. Then I got off the mat. Surrounded by friends and family it put everything in perspective.

I was reminded again today that it's not the medals or matches I've won but the people I've met along the way. Congrats to Bruno, I'm sure we'll have many more matches in the future.

Thanks to my team, you guys mean so much to me you don't know how thankful I am for all of you.
Thanks to Felipe, and comprido for coaching me and being such a big part of my journey from the beginning.

Lastly thanks to my family, Kim, Jayme, Rayza, Yuri. Everything I do I do with you in mind, you motivate me to be better and are the reason I'm excited to wake up very day."

Congrats to Bruno for a great show of Jiu Jitsu And congrats to Caio for his contribution to BJJ on and off the Mats too.